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Looking for a job, internship, summer job?

  • Reach out

    directly to hiring managers in a shared portal.

  • Engage personally

    with a video clip about yourself and your goals.

  • Easy-apply

    from your phone and get noticed.

  • Boost your job hunt

    with Auto-match

  • Manage your applications

    and interview stages painlessly using the Recruitment Workflow Structure.

  • Interview online

    anytime, anywhere.

  • Stay up-to-date

    with instant notification of relevant new graduate, internship and summer job postings.


Looking for new talent to boost your team?

  • Home in quickly

    on qualified candidates with Auto-match and reach out to them directly.

  • SMEs and Start-ups

    profile your vision with a video clip and get noticed by the best candidates.

  • Built-in video interview

    interview quickly and efficiently with the built-in video interview.

  • Structure your recruitment process

    with the Recruitment Workflow Structure. Do away with spreadsheets and emails.

  • Tap into qualified talent

    for graduate posts, summer jobs and internships.

  • In-App candidate management

    see all applications in one place and manage the interview process.

What our customers say:


Jobjar's platform is perfect fopr SMEs to manage all their hiring processes in one place.

By: Francesco, Aromi


Sam at Jobjar has been very responsive in our discussions about what works well and what could be imporoved, so that they can ensure that their offering is giving recruiters what they need.

By: Andy, Blue Marble Recruitment

I’ve never had a remote interview before, but Jobjar’s built-in platform made it so easy and accessible to attend my interview. I even got offered the job on the spot.

By: Liam, 27, Nottingham

I was looking for a job for a long time with no luck. As a last resort, I signed up to Jobjar. I got matched with a job straight away and got invited to an interview!

By: Delilah, 29, Penzance

I needed a job that works around my studies so I was very excited when I found a new part-time job through Jobjar.

By: Dave, 19, London

It was very easy to register and upload my CV. I even added links to my graphic design portfolio.

By: Rebecca, 21, Leicester

I really like that everything’s in one place so I don’t have to check various other platforms to get any news.

By: Mike, 31, High Wycombe

Creating a video statement made me think of the best ways to highlight my skills and expertise. I practised my speech a lot and it was not easy to find the best lighting, but it was so worth it in the end. I am much more confident in my interviewing skills and ready to tackle any interviews.

By: Hanna, 23, Manchester