22 Apr, 2022

Looking for a Job? Make yourself stand out!

In a world of short attention spans and information overload, it is imperative that a job seeker does more than just create a cover letter and submit a CV when applying for a job. So, what can you do to enhance your chances of getting that interview and stand out above the rest?

Why do I need to do more?

HR departments are busier than ever; caring for current employees, planning and conducting performance reviews, reporting to management, and searching for the best talent. Often, CVs and cover letters are not the only shortlist criteria. Companies like to have a better understanding of soft skills such as communication, interpersonal and,self-motivation. Faced with many potential applicants, companies may scan the information in your application in the first round for shortlisting. What can you do to make that first shortlist and better your chances of getting hired?

How do I make myself stand out?