10 Jul, 2024

Matering the Art of Effective Virtual Meetings by Vivienne Kisunaite

In today's digital age, virtual meetings have become a staple in the professional landscape, offering a convenient alternative to traditional face-to-face interactions. As organisations continue to embrace remote work, the ability to conduct effective virtual meetings is increasingly critical. This blog explores practical strategies to enhance your virtual meeting skills, ensuring productivity and engagement remain high.


Embrace Preparation and Structure

The foundation of a successful virtual meeting lies in meticulous preparation and clear structuring. Before the meeting, distribute an agenda that outlines key discussion points and objectives. This not only keeps the meeting focused but also allows participants to prepare adequately. Start each meeting by reviewing the agenda and set a firm timetable to respect everyone's time. It is beneficial to appoint a moderator who can guide the discussion and ensure that all agenda items are addressed efficiently.