The Jobjar story

Over the years, I had the opportunity to recruit many talented individuals in various roles. I found the recruitment steps disconnected, inefficient and repetitive. For example, CVs were delivered via email or post, interview notes that were taken in notebooks were hard to share with colleagues and video interviews were non-existent until more recently. Excel was, and still is in many cases, the tool used to manage shortlists and the status of candidates.

I took a mental note to do something about these inefficiencies, with a goal to create a single environment that would foster collaboration, communication, and transparency at different stages of the recruitment process, both for the company and the job seeker. Jobjar was founded in April 2020, in the depths of the pandemic. The first attempt to create the App resulted in something that was not consistent with my vision and envisaged workflow. It was almost back to the drawing board to re-do the work along with almost 3 months of testing.

Although this was a setback and resulted in a delay in releasing the App by around 6 months, it taught me to be persistent, resilient, and focus on creating the vision that I first set out to achieve. The struggles of the pandemic also created self-doubt; however, I had the benefit of time to focus on this vision whilst my other work came to a standstill. My loving wife and three beautiful daughters encouraged me to follow my vision and persevere with my concept.

Thanks to their constant support, I never gave up and stayed enthusiastic and committed to creating something that I originally envisaged. I wanted to make a difference with Jobjar and aid both parties in the hiring journey. After overcoming many hardships and challenges to get the Jobjar App completed, the App was tested and launched in June 2021.

I love working with people and receiving their varied input, so they can directly impact business outcomes.

My goal is to create a company culture in which everyone is respected, valued and can thrive.

Meet The Team

The Jobjar culture is based on mutual respect, great teamwork and a shared passion for innovative entrepreneurship.

We celebrate our accomplishments as a team and value each member as part of the Jobjar community. We work smart, have fun and enjoy building relationships...


Founder & CEO




Good day everyone! I am Sam, founder and Ceo of Jobjar. I created Jobjar so companies and job-seekers can enjoy a seamless recruitment experience. It hasn't always been easy and I had to conquer many challenges but with support and encouragement from my family, I followed my passion and persevered to create Jobjar. I have a very supportive wife and three lovely daughters who always encouraged me to follow my dream and keep going. I enjoy cycling, running and spending time with my family and friends.


Marketing Executive




Hi everyone. I'm Claire, the Marketing Freelancer (whatever you prefer here). After leaving university, I ran several SMEs and found the joy of expanding small businesses. During my work with SMEs, I experienced a disjointed recruitment process tempered by the nightmare of trying to remember the last round of recruitment, where the old job descriptions were, and where to look to find the right people. I am an enthusiastic member of Jobjar, working primarily with SMEs to make their recruitment process more efficient and streamlined. I enjoy travelling and drawing and would love to have my own rabbits one day.